Here on my site you can follow my adventures as dancer, coreographer and dance-teacher.

You can read about my previous experiences and get some insight in how that molded me to be the dancer and human beeing I am today.

On my blog you will find my thoughts, ideas and new experiences regarding dancing and coreography.

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Park O'Neill Productions

Park O’Neill Productions is a collaboration between dancers Emmy Park and Erika O’Neill. Together they create shows ranging from educating children in school to dancing in shows behind celebrities and shooting music videos.

Meraki Art Collective

A cooperation between several artists, combining their various artforms into one.

From Uprock To Dubstep

A series of lectures about the Hip Hop movement, it’s heritage and current form. From the early 1960-ies until present time.
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Current Class Schedule

Currently on maternal leave.

Contact info@makemezway.com with any inquires.



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Music Video: Tallest Man On Earth

During the summer of 2015 Kristian “Tallest man on earth” Mattson hired Erika and her colleague Emmy Park to choreograph and co-starr in the music video for his song ‘Darkness of the dream”.




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Dance Video: Midsummer



Credits go to Jake Gabbey & Linn Hellström for concept, filming and editing.

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Credits: The start-screen video made by Jake Gabbay & Linn Hellström.